At BUFF MAN Exclusive Car Detailing, car's are our passion, we are a small team of car enthusiasts and showcar owners, who understand the value of maintaining a vehicle in pristine condition  

We pride ourselves on our workmanship, attention-to-detail and as with every job we come across, we treat your car as tho it was our own. Wether it be detailing a Hot Rod for a show or preparing a vehicle for sale, every job is guaranteed to be backed with your satisfaction.

The truth is that vehicles for many of us are more than just a mode of transport, they can be a statement, a hobby, a work of art and most of all an ASSET! The sad thing is that with busy lifestyles and regular use our expensive toys begin to deteriorate and feel the effects of the road and weather. Getting a professional detail performed on your vehicle will give it an impressive fresh look, restore it to it's former glory and increase its potential value dramatically. It is truly a small investment when compared to the value of the outcome.

We provide very competitively priced detailing and cleaning services to suit any requirements. Don't hesitate, call us today and restore the true value of your car!  more