Here is a list of the main services  we can provide along with a brief description of each service.

Exterior Wash/ChamoisWashed using biogdegradable treatment products, and hand leather chamois dried.

2-Stage  Cut/PolishingFor sun damaged oxidized paint, we can restore the shine in old weathered  and faded paintwork.   includes removal of light scratches, marks and swirl removal

Tyre Rejuv & GlossUnlike most tyre shops that use waterbased products that, We utilize long lasting composite treatment that bothj cleans, restores black in tyres and keeps on shining longer.

Underbody WashUsing heavy duty grime chemicals and a high pressure rotating-spray  equipment, we can loosen heavy underbody build up.

Seat/Carpet ShampooFor your Carpets and Upholsery we use a specialized shampoo/chemical cleaner extraction machine that cleans, removes odours a kills bacteria leaving your interior fresh.

Leather Clean/ConditionFor leather interiors we use special gentle leather cleaners and then use conditioners to protect the leather and nourish it  

Dash Clean & treamentDash and Console plastics, vinyls etc. are all cleaned and detailed using products that give long lasting new ooks without that oily feel.

Plastic Headlight serviceCommon problem with cars especially imports that have plastic headlights these days is fading, We provide a service for restoring headlights back to a crystal clear finish 

Engine Bay Detailing We use heavy duty  machine-fed degreasers and high pressure rota-spray cleaners to tackle greasy engine bays, rubber hoses, lines and black engine bay plastics are also treated to restore shine.