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Painting buffing Carine

Mobile Painting buffing Carine

Buffing, Cut & Polish, Machine Polishing and Paint Correction. Time and nature’s elements can wreak havoc with the car’s surface. Among the most predominant issues that buffing can fix or prevent are:

  • Yellowing, foggy headlights – headlights are made of plastic and can turn foggy and discoloured from UV rays from the sun. 
  • Dull paint – As with the headlights, paint can lose its lustre due to the passage of time and the weather. Buffing a car can reveal a fresh layer that looks shiny and new.
  • Paint swirls and scratches – Minor swirls and scratches lie just on the paint clear coat and buffing can remove them. This can reveal a fresh layer of paint that looks shiny and new.
  • Premature rusting – Buffing can remove oxidation, the white substance on your vehicle’s paint that can lead to rusting later on.

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Do different types of paint require different procedures?

Contrary to what most people believe, car paint varies from car to car, brand to brand. The thing to consider is paint hardness. This happens due to the brand, thickness and quality of paint used, the region, season and the year when it was applied, and other factors.

In fact, car paint quality and thickness is a factor that separates low-cost vehicles from luxury cars. 

Types of paint defects and damage:

  • Swirl Mark Marring – often from washing a car with incorrect sponges and clothes
  • Random Deep Marring – small scratches and cuts from automatic car washes or grit stuck in cleaning cloth. These are minor but can build-up
  • Scratching – this happens when the paint is completely removed and not just the top layer. These are the scratches that you can feel when you run your hand over them
  • Etching – is caused by a chemical reaction on that paint’s surface that eats or dissolves the surface at a fairly consistent rate of a relatively large area, creating depressions on the surface that appear like empty swimming pools.

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